Commemorating the National Day of the Martyr

               On Monday, February 19, 2024, as part of the commemoration ceremony of the National Day of the Martyr, February 18th, Professor Fares Mokhtari, the Rector of the University of Algiers 1 Benyoussef  Benkhadda, has received a group of Moujahidine, led by the Moujahid Jamila Bouhired, the Moujahid Bouamama, the Moujahid Mohamed Ghafir called Kalichi, and the Moujahid Mohamed Muhammad Dabbah, in the presence of the representative of the National People’s Assembly, the representative of the Ministry of Moudjahidine and Right Holders, the governor delegate of the administrative district, Sidi Mohamed, the mediator of the Republic, the president of the National Federation for the Children of Martyrs, the president of the Algerian Association for Reviving of the National Spirit of Youth and Children, the head of Former Muslim Scouts, the chairman of the Committee for the Compensation for Unjustified Provisional Detention, the president of the Association of Scientific and Technical Activities in Algiers, a representative of the Chamber of Judicial Officers, and a representative of the National Security Directorate. The ceremony has also witnessed the presence of the University officials, professors, students, administrative staff, and journalists to cover the event.

               The university Rector gave a welcome speech, in which he stressed the importance to continue to provide sacrifices, especially in the scientific field, since the blood of martyrs can only be rewarded by the ink of scholars. The Moujahidin gave their testimonies that reflect the extent of the struggle and sacrifices made for the national liberation. The event was concluded with a tribute to our heroic Moujahidines, and with a word of thanks of the Rector.